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"Italian Heritage"

Fornari's Mural II.jpg

144”X 48” - Oil on Canvas

Ricardo Casado lives and creates in Miami but in his art, there is the passion typical of his homeland: Cuba. The mural he painted for my family is very meaningful because it contains the time and space that occurs in various places and aspects of our lives. The canvas is like a time slot where you can read a story from left to right.


For this time sensitive performance of the canvas, it recalls the eastern art rolls. Even the colors given to multiple layers and then to show away to the lowest layer seems to indicate the resurfacing of time. The color catches you in the story and that is what most striking about the piece.


Ricardo Casado is not only able to interpret the feelings of a family but transforms them into universal values.

Paola Fornari

-Graduation in  ‘History of Art’ in the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’.
-Master  in ‘Medieval and Modern Art’ in  the same University.
- Editor for ‘Medieval Art’ at the ‘Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani’.
- Chef Editor for ‘Modern Art and Architecture’ at the same encyclopedia.

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