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Art Biography
The artist of Luzzism

Luzzism was created by Cuban-American artist Ricardo Casado in the United States of America.
In 2013, Casado began to incorporate artificial light into his pictorial work, which gives the oil paintings a stained-glass look and feel.
Using this novel technique, two different pieces transpire. When the painting is illuminated, the colors and shapes awaken beyond recognition. Then when observed with 3D glasses, the painting manifests into a multidimensional experience.
Casado’s first public exhibition as a Luzzist was held in 2013 at the Sarracino Art Gallery in the city of Coral Gables, Miami, Florida.
He is renewing the artistic language by arousing the imagination into new dimensions. Luzzism is a spiritual experience – the work stimulates your inner world while simultaneously probing your perception of reality.
The art, like traditional paintings, can be observed without backlights; however, the use of light transforms it from a monochromatic piece to a full spectrum of colors, gaining autonomy as its own entity.
Luzzism foretells to become a historical avant-garde trend in the art world–as were expressionism, cubism, and other cultural movements–but with a more contemporary touch because of the use of present-day technology.

Luzzism goes beyond a simple observation: it is an experience where the viewer enters a portal into a new dimension.
Its aesthetic and inspiring values are metamorphosing the immobile and static into something vivid and tangible, forging a unique connection between Man and Art.

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