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Ricardo Casado (the artist of Luzismo) was born in 1961 in Havana, Cuba. While growing up in his grandfather's carpentry workshop, which had been adapted as a home, he found a way to see the environment in a different way. The old wooden roof leaked when it rained, creating incredible images that looked like natural works of art. The makeshift cardboard walls of his house became his means to create.


Through these graffiti, he showed his family and friends the skills of his innate talent. When he was a teenager, he entered the Pedagogical School of Havana, and his first studies included arts, where he acquired mastery of different techniques and skills. He also studied music at the Higher Institute of Art in Havana and became a lyric singer, to be part of the cast of the National Opera of Cuba and the Florida Grand Opera. He founded the vocal quartet "Quarta Prodigia" and created the musical genre "Urbanan Opera” with his group. However, Ricardo Casado never stopped painting while looking for new ways to integrate various techniques and materials.


Since 2011, he began to incorporate artificial light into his pictorial work along with the color and shape, which makes his oil works shine in a stained glass finish. Two different pieces are born from the same creative process, while the backlit version offers different colors and shapes, in a three-dimensional experience that can be observed with 3D glasses. He is a pioneer in this technique in the art world, and is recognized as the creator of "Luzismo". His works also include murals representing organizations and family stories. The artist of the lights, invites the viewer to make a trip to the soul of his creative spirit.

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